Written by WANEP
Category: Activity Reports

The highlights of WANEP program activities published quarterly provide a glimpse into WANEP Peacebuilding Practice. The Institutional structure of the organization as a network allows scope across the entire West Africa sub-region. There is uniqueness however in how Civil Society Organizations in the WANEP Network are increasing expertise and mobilizing collective efforts for building peace from the bottom up. More and more, local communities are key stakeholders in peacebuilding. They are making decisions that directly affect them and how they live in community and co-exist with one another peacefully regardless of ethnic, religious or political difference. The WANEP network throughout the sub-region and through well designed programs is accompanying communities in their own analysis of conflicts. Such peacebuilding which is rooted in people afflicted by conflict is empowering. New narratives are written and shared. The baggage of colonial rule is shed as people seek reconciliation within an old narrative of the historical legacies that divided people. There are other antecedents in the building of West Africa new nation states that made some groups to have dominion over others. In some cases, misrule and bad governance exacerbated conflicts. There is another component of the international structures of social injustice such as in fair trade that is weighing heavily on Africa. Africa through its international partnerships especially in the framework of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) is also working and advocating for prevention rather than reaction so that conflicts are mitigated timely. Such efforts at promoting global justice are complimenting peacebuilding efforts on the ground. We now present you with a window of WANEP’s work in the last two quarters.

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