Topical Papers (From the Field)

Written by WANEP

Issue No. 8: ECOWAS' Sub-regional Conflict Prevention: Learning through Experience (January 2004)

Issue No. 7: Patriotic Rebels: West Africa's Architects of the New Patriotism? (December 2003)

Issue No. 6: Establishing Early Warning Networks in Refugee Camps: Problems and Possibilities (November 2003)

Issue No. 5: Female Combatants in West Africa: Pregress or Regress? (December 2002)

Issue No. 4: Returning the Girls Home: A Case Study from Sierra Leone (September 2002)

Issue No. 3: Peacebuilding and Conflict Intervention: A Critical Review of Training (December 2001)

Issue No. 2: Women in Peacebuilding

Issue No. 1: Statistics Don't Bleed, People Do (May 2001)