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Annual Report 2008

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Our Annual Report of 2008 is published in English and French.

Both language versions of this publication is available for download. Click on the links below.

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French [35.8MB]

Activity Reports - Overview

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WANEP - is involved in a lot of activities in the Peacebuilding environment. It is critical that we inform all about our activities which we believe would affect positively the peace efforts in the West African sub-region, the African continent and the World at large.

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Issue No. 2: Women in Peacebuilding

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West African women like women all over Africa are faced with the dire reality of violent conflicts in the subregion. Atrocious wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone have resulted in scores of internally displaced persons and refugees, most of whom are women and children. Intermittent inter-communal violence disguised as religious continues to ravage the lives of women in Nigeria as well.

Peacebuilding initiatives in the subregion are growing and have only recently begun to realize the need to include and involve women in conflict transformation and Peacebuilding processes.

Women are rising to the occasion. They now actively participate in decisions that affect their lives in very encouraging ways. For instance, Sierra Leonean and Liberian women are increasingly been heard and seen demanding from political leaders and the international community their right to be included in processes that affect their lives and the lives of their children.

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Issue No. 1: Statistics Don't Bleed, People Do (May 2001)

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This publication would be posted soon.

Issue No. 3: Peacebuilding and Conflict Intervention: A Critical Review of Training (December 2001)

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This publication would be posted soon.