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Quick Updates: [2017-11-25] - Twelve Soldiers Arraigned Before a Court Martial in The Gambia:

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12 soldiers of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) arrested between July to November, 2017 have appeared before a Court Martial, at the 1 Infantry Battalion in Yundum Barracks of West Coast Region on Friday, November 17th, 2017. The accused officers are charged with nine counts of treason, concealment of treason, mutiny and defamation among others. 

NEWS SITUATION TRACKING OF LIBERIA [October 23 – 31, 2017] Electoral Tensions Threatens Conduct of Run-off Elections

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Basic Demography and Geography

Liberia : Liberia is in West Africa with a population size of about 4, 001,855 people1.The country is bordered by Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

NEWS Situation Tracking - Nigeria [Aug-2017] - FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBINGS

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Nigeria recorded its first case of female suicide bombing on June 8, 2014. This involved a middle-aged woman, who detonated an explosive device (IED) strapped to her body at a Military barracks in Gombe State, killing herself and one Military personnel. Since that period, the frequency of suicide missions carried out mainly by women and young teenage girls on soft targets has heightened, with intense suspicions and debates among Nigerians on the ‘tradition of wearing hijab’ by Muslim women and girls, as IEDs were often concealed under hijabs......Read more

Thematic Report -- JAN-JUN 2017: VIOLENT EXTREMISM: Armed Violence & Human Security in West Africa

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THEMATIC REPORT: JANUARY TO JUNE 2017: -- VIOLENT EXTREMISM: Armed Violence & Human Security in West Africa


NEWS Situation Tracking - Togo [18-29Aug-2017] - PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS OF PNP

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The opposition party, National Panafrican/ National Panafrican Party (PNP) organized series of demonstrations in various localities and in the diaspora to clamour for the reinstitution of the 14th October 1992 constitution2 that affirms the two (2) term limit for the office of the President as well as.....Read more