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World Peace Day 2016: - GOAL 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

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GOAL 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

THE FACT:Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Significant strides have been made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. However, many more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues.


  • Despite determined global progress, an increasing proportion of child deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. Four out of every five deaths of children under age five occur in these regions.
  • Children born into poverty are almost twice as likely to die before the age of five as those from wealthier families.
  • Only half of women in developing regions receive the recommended amount of health care they need

WANEP National networks partner with health focus organizations to build community preparedness at the grassroots against a possible and future outbreak of deadly diseases such as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and other diseases with similar symptoms. Through WANEP’s continuous trainings, coaching and mentoring, community members are empowered to mobilize local resources for the rehabilitation of health facilities and facilitate smooth drugs supplies in their localities.