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Cote d’Ivoire -- October 30 Presidential Elections: Intricacies And Threats [July 8, 2005]

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Though the Ivorian peace process has come a long way, it remains delicate and fragile. The flagged issues of ivorité, marginalization, legitimacy, and xenophobia have gradually been overshadowed by two key contentions, namely: disarmament of irregular forces and elections. Meeting in Pretoria1, South Africa, April 3-6, 2005, the protagonists of the Ivorian crisis resolved, albeit under pressure, to sink their differences and move the peace process forward. President Thabo Mbeki has braced all the odds2 and remained a resolute and firm mediator thanks to the support he enjoys from the ECOWAS, AU, EU and UN, coupled with the respect and acceptability he enjoys within the protagonist circle. What has been dubbed Pretoria I outlined practical steps towards the implementation of the Marcoussis (framework) settlement and the subsequent Accra Agreements. The impasse that ensued after Pretoria I compelled President Mbeki to convene another fence mending meeting between the principal actors of the Ivorian crisis (Pretoria II) on June 28-29, 2005.

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