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Accra III Peace Process: Prospects & Challenges [July 27, 2004]

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All eyes and ears are focused on the Ghanaian capital, Accra, that is fast becoming the veritable gateway to West African stability. The expectations are high. The matter at hand is the protracted Ivorian crisis that some observers and even actors in the conflict have termed ‘the summit of the last chance’. To the contrary, WARN believes that the Accra Summit dubbed “Accra III” presents a golden opportunity to right many wrongs, both for protagonists and mediators. Accra III should therefore be seen as an opportunity to uphold reality as against rhetoric; to come to the realization that it has not only been an Ivoiro-Ivorian crisis only, but also a regional conflict; that the Ivorian war is as politically induced as it is economically (with varying interests).

Accra III is also a unique forum to honestly accept the fact that though an African problem (in the words of Michel de Bonnecorse, Adviser on African Affairs to French President, Jacques Chirac), French political and economic interests have made France a critical stakeholder; the UN authority is once more being challenged and failure to act decisively would make the world body lose credibility.

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