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A Publication: Critical Questions and Responses on Land Reforms in Liberia

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1.0 Introduction
Intrastate conflicts in West Africa since the 1990s has been associated with the management and exploitation of natural resources especially land. Land and indeed natural resources are essential to sustaining people and peace in post-conflict countries, like Liberia, but governance failures often jeopardize such efforts. Natural resource management is therefore crucial to rebuilding communities, combating corruption, improving transparency and accountability, engaging disenfranchised populations, and building confidence after conflict and war. Land will never increase, it will decrease due to climate change and yet population continues to increase exponentially. As Liberia continues to sustain its peace and the population consistently upsurge due to birth and influx of investors, and the demand for land and other resources endures, there is potential for conflicts over land to deepen significantly and escalate if mechanisms for managing expectations are not harnessed and put in place.

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