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Policy Brief on Liberia: - A Decade of Peace Expedition in Liberia: Actors and Factors for Consolidation

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1. Executive Summary
The months of July and August 2013 are very significant for Liberia. August 11 marked 10 years of Liberia’s sustained peace following what has been described by most conflict analysts as 14 years of “senseless civil war” while July 26 marked Liberia’s 166 years of independence. At the peak of the conflict, Liberia was classified as “a failed and criminal state exporting violence to its neighbors.” Only two years after the election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as president, Liberia has moved towards stability and improved relations with its neighbors. At the same time, a variety of challenges still face reconstruction efforts.
This policy brief explores the background to the Liberia civil war, current peace and security challenges and dynamics, actors and factors responsible for the sustained peace and priorities for consolidating peace.....

Click on this link to download the policy brief: [PDF-3.1MB]