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Analysis of Electoral Dispute Indicators for Ghana 2012 Elections

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Political strife and conflict in West Africa used to centre on the abuse of power by autocratic regimes. This gave the subregion a post-independence chequered history characterized by repressions and resistance, numerous coups d'état and insurrections, and indeed protracted internecine civil wars. This condition of high valency in violent political conflict was largely attributed to the process of power transition under autocratic and militaristic dispensations. That being the case,  multi-party democracy was hailed as the panacea to the problem of political violence in West Africa, and it was with great expectation that the people of the  sub-region welcomed the gradual wave of transition to democratic governance witnessed since the beginning of the 1990s after the fall of the Berlin wall.

From that time till now, however, there have been plenteous hiccups and backslides in the democratization of West African polities. Quite worrisome is the fact that election disputes in the sub-region have come to be marked by spates of violence, so much so that the electoral season in many a West African countries occasion great fear for life and property among the populace.

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Analysis of Electoral Dispute Indicators for Ghana 2012 Elections  -  [PDF 2.74MB]