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WANEP – SL and Its Development

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West Africa Network for Peacebuilding – Sierra Leone started as Coalition of Collaborative Peacebuilding Programme, (CCP) in 1998 when the country was in the process of resolving its own civil conflict that started in 1991. Comprising of agencies like Campaign for Good Governance (CGG), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Action Aid, Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), ABC-Development, Democracy and Development Associates (DA-DA SL) and Centre for Development and Human Rights (CDHR), it was established to add citizens’ voice through civil society to the peace process. With the demand for popular participation with representation from all over the country, it transformed to Network on Collaborative Peacebuilding – Sierra Leone (NCP-SL) in 2002. Being one of the national peacebuilding networks in the region, but with a name distinct from the other national networks, it was encouraged to carry the name WANEP-SL like its counterparts in Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and other countries in the West Africa Sub-region.


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The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding-Sierra Leone (WANEP-SL) is now a well established national network of peacebuilding civil society organizations including women’s groups and religious institutions committed to encourage, facilitate and mobilize local initiatives for peacebuilding, promotion of gender justice, conflict resolutions and transformation. WANEP-SL is a membership network with 58 registered organizations across the country with a share responsibility and interest to prevent conflict and build peace.

Our Core Values

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  • Do No Harm by ensuring your intervention does not result into subsequent violent conflicts;
  • Team work in taking collective responsibility for actions;
  • Tolerance by accepting others as they are;
  • Transparency and accounting by ensuring openness in our activities

Our Mission Statement

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“A civil society network engaged in promoting peace building and conflict transformation through advocacy to enhance peaceful co-existence among Sierra Leoneans and within the sub region”

Our Vision Statement

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“Well capacitated and functional network in safer Sierra Leone”