WANEP Internship and Scholars-in-Residence Program


The WANEP Internship programme provides opportunities for upcoming peace practitioners to strengthen their knowledge and gain practical experience in the key areas of WANEP work including but not limited to Networking and Administration, Women in Peacebuilding, Conflict Early Warning and Early Response, Dialogue and Mediation, Democratic Governance, Communication and Capacity Building, Peacebuilding Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Conflict Analysis. 

WANEP internships is on full time unpaid basis (upon availability of funds, WANEP may provide monthly transport stipends to support Interns) and for a minimum period of three (3) months and maximum of six (6) months. 

Under the supervision and mentorship of a senior level staff, the Intern receives a certificate and recommendation letter endorsed by the WANEP Director of Programs upon satisfactory completion of the internship program 


The WANEP Scholars-in-Residence Program is designed to (1) encourage research and writing and publication in peace and security trends in West Africa, (2) to promote and bridge the gap between peacebuilding theory and practice, and (3) to facilitate knowledge sharing through the dissemination of WANEP’s peacebuilding practice and topical issues in peace and security as contained in the researchers' findings.

The program is open to scholars teaching, studying or practicing peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Applicants must indicate their areas of research in the proposal and how they intend to make use of the WANEP materials and resources to further their research.

A Selection Committee consisting of the WANEP Program Director, Research Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, HR/Admin Manager, Coordinator and Program Officer, Capacity Building, will review applications for the Scholars-in-Residence program. Applicants will be selected based on the following:  Relationship of the proposal to WANEP’s peacebuilding practice; Qualifications of the applicant and Quality and feasibility of the proposal. Other considerations includes, Importance of the proposal to current peace and security dynamics; Likelihood that the proposal will be completed successfully and within the stipulated time and Provisions for making the results of the project available to scholars and to the public at large.

Scholars are considered for periods ranging from one to twelve months and will be offered stipends based on availability of funds, content and scope of research, number of months among other consideration. They may not be employed during the period in residence except sabbaticals from their own institutions. Those selected as Scholars-in-Residence may supplement their stipends with support from their own institution or supplementary grants.


Note: Only successful applicants will be notified by 25th January 2019. Also note that your application will be deleted from the database on your last day of availability.  
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Application closing date: 11th January, 2019