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  • WAPI 2013 ends with a Group Photograph of closing participants, faculty and guests
  • Mr. Chukwuemeka Eze, Programs Director of WANEP delivers his closing remarks as WAPI 2013 Ends
  • Minister for the Interior (Ghana), Hon. Kwesi Ahwoi opening WAPI 2013
  • Group photo of participants & dignitaries at the opening of WAPI 2013
  • Participants & Dignitaries at the opening of WAPI 2013
  • Maj Gen OB Akwa, Commandant-KAIPTC delivering his opening remarks at WAPI 2013


WAPI 2014

Quotes from Participants of WAPI 2004

I am glad to participate in this training…. People just seem to forget we exist. Never did I imagine I’d be given this kind of opportunity to gain knowledge on peacebuilding. … I go back packed with the knowledge I have acquired to be part of a people of like mind to play a role in bringing genuine peace to my nation Liberia…  Kullie Narmah, Liberian Refugee 

…I have learnt more here in 3 weeks than I did in 2 years … Sagna Augustin – ECOWAS head of bureau, Benin

…it has been a wonderful experience and knowledge gained. I appreciate the efforts and time you are investing …   Nyima Bojang, the Gambia 

The sessions and content of the courses …have broadened my horizon…I hope to implement all that I have learnt… Sabbeh Jenneh, Sierra Leone

…WAPI has afforded me the rare opportunity of making new contacts and interacting with practitioners from different countries…providing me rich information network…this is inspirational… Charles Nnagboh, JDPC, Nigeria

Back home, I will organize workshops and seminars for the purpose of sharing knowledge gained at WAPI. My target would be young people who are very often mobilized for violent conflicts, civil unrest and disturbances. I hope to teach them what I have learnt in WAPI as well as encourage them to get involved in peacebuilding and conflict prevention in their own communities. Clinton Layweh, Liberia

Before this morning’s lecture on gender, I would have argued that gender issues only have to do with women’s issues, particularly because all I ever understood by the concept was linked to women’s clamor for equality. Fr. Sylvester Kuubetesuur, Ghana

WAPI has greatly increased my understanding of the nature, causes and dynamics of conflict and had enhanced my capacity to identify, monitor and analyze conflict as well as develop integrated approaches for responding to conflict. Professor Ouedraogo Albert, Burkina Faso

Building peace is the responsibility of every member of a given society. It took my being in WAPI to realize that I also had a role to play in rebuilding my country. Thanks for stimulating this reflection WAPI.   Mary Kumba, Sierra Leone