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Management Report 2008

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[Extracted from WANEP Annual Report, 2008]

In September 2008, the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) accomplished 10 years of collaborative peacebuilding in West Africa. This is remarkable. Sustaining institutional capacity as a regional network organisation though challenging has been rewarding and appreciated not only in West Africa but on the African continent and globally. Following its establishment in September 1998, WANEP sustained the efforts of Civil Society collaborative efforts in building peace.


Management Report 2009

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[Extracted from WANEP Annual Report, 2009]

2009 was a signifi cant milestone for the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP). At the regional level, WANEP concluded the celebrations of its 10th anniversary with a special General Assembly. The opportunity to celebrate also provided space for institutional introspection. At the time of its founding, West African civil society peacebuilding practitioners engaged in working with conflict were very few. While a few international organisations mainly operating from Europe worked on West African conflicts, the programs designed where unsustainable as there was little local ownership, expertise and institutional capacity of West Africans to sustain peacebuilding efforts. The story today is different. Peacebuilding in West Africa is largely locally driven. West African Governments have now integrated peacebuilding in some of their departments and ministries. From both the national to regional levels, responding to conflicts has been significantly transformed with more emphasis on prevention.