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Communique of the meeting with National Youth Organisers of Four Political Parties - Ghana

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The meeting in pictures. Click on attached file to read the full Communique


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Download this file (NYO_Communique.pdf)NYO_Communique.pdfCommunique of the meeting with National Youth Organisers of Four Political Parties1141 Kb

Civic Forum Initiative (CFI) --- Press Statement on Political Developments in the country, Wednesday, 18 April, 2012

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Press Statement on the Current Political Situation in Ghana
Released on Wednesday April 18, 2012

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the media we have invited you here this morning to share with you our perspectives on some of the troubling political developments in our country as we prepare towards the December 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The CFIin its periodic review of the political situation in the country ahead of the December 2012 Elections has observed the steady spread and escalation of lawlessness across the country. There have been isolated incidents of violence at various registration centres. Political opponents have been physically and verbally attacked while exercising their rights to register; some citizens have also been unlawfully denied their right to register based on either ethnicity or an allegation that they are not ordinarily resident in the registration area. The latest incident is a blatant incitement of ethno-political violence and reckless resort to hate-speech by leading politicians and their supporters. In all these cases, extremists within the rival parties, the NDC and the NPP,are the ones setting the tone of political debate and intolerance towards fellow citizens.

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Download this file (pr_political_situation_ghana_18_4_12.pdf)pr_political_situation_ghana_18_4_12.pdfCivic Forum Initiative (CFI) --- Press Statement on Political Developments in the country, Wednesday, 18 April, 20121757 Kb

WANEP Engages Critical Stakeholders to Review The Bawku Peace Process

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In the build up to the 2012 elections and in reflecting on history of heightened tension associated with elections in the Bawku Municipality and its environs, WANEP conveyed a meeting of critical stakeholders including the National Peace Council, UNDP-Ghana, the Office of the Chief Imam, the Hamadiyya Mission, the Catholic Secretariat, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Evangelical Church, the Protestants, FOSDA, IBIS and the Media Foundation for West Africa to brainstorm on the ongoing security challenges in Bawku and design intervention strategies that will ensure a successful election and sustainable peace in Bawku.

At the end of the meeting, obstacles to the ongoing peace processes including the factors militating against the effective functioning of the Bawku Inter Ethnic Peace Committee were identified and WANEP and the stakeholders committed to ensuring that these issues are responded to. The religious leaders were identified as having the leverage to convene and facilitate the return of all the parties to the dialogue table. The WANEP Programs Director and the facilitator of the Bawku Inter Ethnic Peace Committee co-facilitated the meeting which took place in Accra on 21st March, 2012.


Policy Brief - BURKINA FASO : Un pays en crise ?

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L’an de 2011 a été en Afrique l’année des grandes manifestations sociopolitiques qui ont connu des résultats variés. Le Burkina Faso considéré pendant longtemps comme un Etat stable a connu une situation de crise provoquée par des manifestations sociales et des minuteries qui ont perturbé la tranquillité sociopolitique du pays. Le présent document se propose de faire l’état de lieux du contexte et l’analyse de la situation qui ont conduit à l’instabilité observée dans le mois de février 2011.

En effet, les causes de cette instabilité historique se situent à plusieurs niveaux et s’articulent autour de la gouvernance politique, l’économie et la justice. De façon précise, la gestion du pouvoir, les débats autour de la question de la modification de la constitution en son article 37, la cherté des denrées alimentaires et des produits pétroliers, la revendication des enseignants, dans les universités et lycées, les questions de bourses et d’indépendance des magistrats burkinabé sont autant de causes justifiant la vague de manifestations caractérisant l’instabilité vécue.

1.0 Introduction
Les années 2010 et 2011 ont été durement marquées par des manifestations sociales en Afrique et dans le monde. En Afrique de l’Ouest, la situation du Burkina Faso a surpris plus d’un et a fait l’objet de la présente analyse. Certes, la situation au Burkina Faso est unique car la crise sociale a atteint plusieurs secteurs y compris l’armée ; pourtant, la ville de Ouagadougou fût la capitale de plusieurs rencontres et le carrefour de divers sommets de paix. .........

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WANEP Engages the Plateau State House of Assembly in the Search for Sustainable Peace in the Jos Plateau

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  In a bid to restore lasting peace in Jos, there have been several initiatives and interventions at local, state and national levels, including the efforts of WANEP, in the areas of promoting dialogue and mediation. However, it has emerged that in all these efforts, the legislators from the Plateau, a very critical component in the peace process, have been left out. Yet, the legislators as the representatives of the people of Plateau from the grassroots have enormous leverage and potentials of contributing to the sustainable and durable peace in the Jos Plateau.......

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