WANEP’s Next Strategic Direction: 2015 - 2020

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16 Policy Brief: - Transitions and Tensions in West Africa: Building on the Strength and Bridging the Gap in the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance WANEP 1391
17 Policy Brief: - Ghana's National Peace Council WANEP 1277
18 Policy Brief on Côte d'Ivoire:- Elections 2015 en Côte d'Ivoire: entreprendre la reforme electorale ou replonger dans la crise? WANEP 1731
19 Policy Brief on Nigeria: - Nigeria’s 2015 General Elections: Crumbling or Consolidating Democracy? WANEP 1495
20 Policy Brief on Guinea Bissau: - Ending the Vicious Cycle of Instability in Guinea Bissau: What Next After 2014 Elections? WANEP 1128
21 Policy Brief on Burkina Faso: - Burkina Faso's Test of Resilience and Democratic Stability – The 2015 Political Dynamics and Drifts WANEP 1287
22 Policy Brief on Nigeria:-- Nigeria’s Centenary and National Dialogue: Beginning or Breaking Point for Unity WANEP 1146
23 Policy Brief on Nigeria -- Beyond the Beauty of Niger Delta Amnesty Program: Post 2015 Challenges and Prospects WANEP 2026
24 Policy Brief on Liberia: - A Decade of Peace Expedition in Liberia: Actors and Factors for Consolidation WANEP 1280
25 Policy Brief on Togo: -- Togo : Les législatives de 2013 marqueront-elles la fin de l’instabilité politique? WANEP 993
26 Policy Brief on Guinea: -- Desired Democracy in Distress: Breaking the GUINEA Political Impasse WANEP 1288
27 Policy Brief on Nigeria: Is the African Giant Drowning but not Waving? – Exploring a Coordinated Approach to the Nigerian Security Challenges WANEP 1808
28 Analysis of Electoral Dispute Indicators for Ghana 2012 Elections WANEP 1457
29 Policy Brief - MALI: Managing the Damage of a Complex Context [JULY, 2012] WANEP 1347
30 Policy Brief - SIERRA LEONE 2012: Gauging the Temperature for a Peaceful Election [MAY, 2012] WANEP 1329