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Quarterly Highlights: April - June, 2011

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Highlights of Peace and Security in West Africa

Like the first quarter of 2011, the second quarter was marked by election-related issues. In Nigeria, the general presidential and gubernatorial elections were organized. The elections were regarded as one of the most credible elections in the political annals of the country despite uncertainties about the credibility of the elections. However, the announcement of the presidential elections was marred by an outbreak of violence mainly in the northern part of the country.

The quarter also witnessed an increase in the activities of the Boko Haram group with bombings of government institutions and killings of government security operatives as well as civilians especially in Borno and Bauchi State. The peace process in Jos also suffered a setback with renewed violence. There were reported cases of agro-pastoral conflicts between Fulani cattle herdsmen and indigenous farmers at Guma Local Government Council of Benue State where 40 persons were reported dead and farmlands/crops destroyed.

In Cote d’ivoire, the political stalemate finally ended with the capture of Laurant Gbagbo after a violent confrontation that left score of people dead. The internationally recognized winner of the Ivorian elections, Allassan Dramane Ouattara was finally sworn into office marking the end of a civil war that threatened to engulf the West African region......

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