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August 2010 - Make Peace Happen 2010

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The countdown has begun towards the celebration of the first Africa Peace Day-Make Peace Happen-2010. African Heads of State and Government declared 2010 the year of Peace and Security in Africa proclaiming in the Tripoli Declaration:

"We are determined to deal once and for all with the scourge of conflict and violence on our continent acknowledging our shortcomings and errors ,committing our resources and our best people and missing no opportunity to push forward the agenda of conflict prevention, peace-making, peace-keeping and post-conflict reconstruction. We, as leaders, simply cannot bequeath the burden of conflicts to the next generation of Africans". 

While 21st September, International Peace Day is significant in uniting Africa for a day of non-violence across the continent, efforts will continue after 21st September to educate and raise awareness in order to exchange stories and experiences across Africa.

Armed conflicts in Africa continues to kill thousands of people every year, creating humanitarian disasters wiping out livelihoods and wealth that ordinary people have worked hard to accumulate over their lifetimes, and make sustainable economic development impossible. There is also a more profound loss: the destruction of hope for a better future.

The West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP) will deploy all efforts to support this noble cause. The challenge of attaining peace, security stability across the entire African continent is clearly an undertaking that should be sustained for many years. The year of Peace and Security offers an unprecedented opportunity for African citizen, as well as African institutions, civil society organizations in partnership with governments and the international community, to celebrate our accomplishments and to review current efforts to peacebuilding on the continent, with a view to strengthening these and where appropriate launching concrete new initiatives for peace and security.

Make Peace Happen 2010

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