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Quick Update:- Situation postélectorale tendue au Bénin

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Le Bénin connait une période post-électorale tendue, marquée par des violences survenues à Cotonou et à Kandi, le 1er et le 02 mai 2019. Pour rappel, cette vague de violence est consécutive aux « élections législatives non inclusives » qui se sont tenues le 28 avril dernier, avec la participation des 2 seuls partis de la mouvance présidentielle, l’"Union Progressiste (UP)" et le "Bloc Républicain (BR)". 


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On 15th March 2019, a man known as Fahad Jababu Sulley (a Chokosi, also Anufo by tribe) alleged to have crossed over to Ghana from Togo, was shot and injured while sitting on a motorbike outside of a home and in a group at Nawieku in the Chereponi District of the newly created North-East Region. Security was beefed up in the area.

Policy Brief:- Conspiracy of Silence or Feigned Indifference? The Crisis in Cameroon and its Security Implications for Nigeria and the International Community

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The current violent agitations going on in Cameroon by the English-speaking part of the country - North West and South West Regions – have historical origins and international significance. By virtue of its shared history and geographical proximity, Nigeria does not only suffer the consequences, but also serves as a key player in the resolution of the protracted crisis.