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WANEP Engages Critical Stakeholders to Review The Bawku Peace Process

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In the build up to the 2012 elections and in reflecting on history of heightened tension associated with elections in the Bawku Municipality and its environs, WANEP conveyed a meeting of critical stakeholders including the National Peace Council, UNDP-Ghana, the Office of the Chief Imam, the Hamadiyya Mission, the Catholic Secretariat, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Evangelical Church, the Protestants, FOSDA, IBIS and the Media Foundation for West Africa to brainstorm on the ongoing security challenges in Bawku and design intervention strategies that will ensure a successful election and sustainable peace in Bawku.

At the end of the meeting, obstacles to the ongoing peace processes including the factors militating against the effective functioning of the Bawku Inter Ethnic Peace Committee were identified and WANEP and the stakeholders committed to ensuring that these issues are responded to. The religious leaders were identified as having the leverage to convene and facilitate the return of all the parties to the dialogue table. The WANEP Programs Director and the facilitator of the Bawku Inter Ethnic Peace Committee co-facilitated the meeting which took place in Accra on 21st March, 2012.


WANEP Engages the Plateau State House of Assembly in the Search for Sustainable Peace in the Jos Plateau

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  In a bid to restore lasting peace in Jos, there have been several initiatives and interventions at local, state and national levels, including the efforts of WANEP, in the areas of promoting dialogue and mediation. However, it has emerged that in all these efforts, the legislators from the Plateau, a very critical component in the peace process, have been left out. Yet, the legislators as the representatives of the people of Plateau from the grassroots have enormous leverage and potentials of contributing to the sustainable and durable peace in the Jos Plateau.......

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February 13 – 16, 2012

Theme: “Consolidating WANEP’s Institutional Capacity for Peacebuilding in West Africa”

As part of its efforts to strengthen its institutional capacity for a better, well organized and highly professional peacebuilding organization, WANEP had its 2012 retreat from February 15th to 16th, in Accra – Ghana with the theme: Consolidating WANEP’s Institutional Capacity for Peacebuilding in West Africa”

After 13 years of active peacebuilding practice in West Africa, WANEP believes it is now time to consolidate its institutional capacity through a well-structured and professional peacebuilding organization. During the retreat, Regional Board Members of WANEP, National Board Chairs, National Network Coordinators and regional staff engaged in reflections informed by the report on WANEP 2011 Systems Audit which was commissioned by the Swedish International Development Agencies (Sida) on how WANEP should restructure and reposition itself strategically in the coming years.

As an organization directly involved in practice, WANEP’s retreat produced concrete strategic policy directions which would also become the pillars for developing the next strategic plan of WANEP both at regional and national levels. The retreat also provided the opportunity for the harmonization of WANEP’s internal working procedures while ensuring that accountability is a priority in every National Network.

The retreat was preceded by a meeting with WANEP’s funding partners in a bid to engage like-minded partners in a Joint Funding Arrangement as advised by the Accra declaration on Aid Effectiveness

WANEP Commemorates International Women’s Day

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Women’s voices from around West Africa: Women As the “BEDROCK” of Families, Societies and the World.
Through its fifteen national networks across the West African sub-region, WANEP marks this year’s International Women’s Day through multiple activities including peace marches in Senegal and Togo; round table discussions on reconciliation issues in Liberia; political participation of women in Ghana, and many other peaceful actions in Sierra Leone, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, the Gambia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Senegal. . . . .

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Event in Pictures across the subregion.



Cotonou, Benin hosts WANEP – ECOWAS Biannual Coordination Meeting

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As part of its effort to improve on the ECOWAS Early Warning System – ECOWARN, Cotonou hosted the first of its biannual coordination meeting, bringing together Focal Points, Zonal Coordinators, regional staff of implementing partner WANEP, Government Focal Points and staff of the Early Warning Directorate (EWD).

The meeting provided opportunity for the stakeholders in ECOWARN to learn from the challenges from the field and improve on the system as well as the skills and technical know-how of the field monitors in order to improve the regional early warning system, ECOWARN. In addition, the Coordination Meeting provided the opportunity to meet the new field monitors from Government and CSOs and share experiences aimed at making the system more responsive to the communities and institutions it is meant to serve.

In his opening remarks on behalf of the Executive Director of WANEP, Mr. Chukwuemeka Eze – Program Director, acknowledged that the collective effort of civil society and state actors towards monitoring, analysing and reporting of indicators for conflict and peace would always provide the much needed information for policy makers and civil society to act in a timely manner to promote peace and stability in the sub region. He reflected on the reality of conflict and complex emergencies; the nexus between peace, development and security as key and should be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the need for promoting systemic peacebuilding and conflict-sensitive development through early warning and early response.

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