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Press Release:- Urgent Attention on Deteriorating Crisis in Cameroon and Its Implication for Stability in West Africa

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The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) wishes to express its concern and draw global attention to the deteriorating situation in Cameroon. The current violent agitations going on in Cameroon by the English-Speaking part of the country - North West and South West Regions – have historical origins and regional and international significance. By virtue of its shared history and geographical proximity, Nigeria has the greatest burden, and perhaps more in the quest for a durable solution to the crisis. 

Policy Brief:- Polemics of Post-Elections in Sierra Leone: Beyond the Rhetoric

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On March 7, 2018, Sierra Leone elected a new President, Members of Parliament and Local Councils in the fourth multi-party elections since the end of the civil war in 2002. A total of 17 political parties participated in the elections while 16 candidates, including 2 women, contested for the presidency. Notably, the Constitutional provision of 55% required for presidential candidates to be elected was not met at the first ballot leading to a run-off.