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Peace Quotes

Answers to "What does Peace mean to you"

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1 “Having enough money for my basic needs so I do not have to hassle others out of their hard earned money.” –Joseph, Ghana WANEP 2477
2 “Peace comes from within- tranquility, lack of self-guilt. If you are at peace with yourself, you are at peace with the world.”- Nana Sarpong, Ghana WANEP 2306
3 “The ability to go about my day to day activities, and my kids feeling safe wherever they are.”- Ama Love, Ghana WANEP 2661
4 “Peace is the absence of any worries whatsoever.”- Nana Ama, Ghana WANEP 2128
5 “Peace is the thrill that pushes you out of bed to enjoy a day and the calm that sends you off to bed at night.”- Patrick, Mozambique WANEP 1957
6 “Peace is a strong word that simply means the lack of war. Peace= love...” Jean Louis, Cote d’Ivoire WANEP 2205
7 “Peace means love”- Portia, Ghana WANEP 2659
8 “Waking up in the morning healthy and not worried about the future. To me, that is peace.” – Kweku, Ghana WANEP 2569
9 “Peace means understanding of the rule of law and respecting the views of your fellow man.” – Louis, Ghana WANEP 1858
10 “Peace is just a sign of cultural elevation where education both formal and informal have taken deep root in our society so much so that we know that without the existence of peace we will be stunted in growth”.- Yaw P, Ghana WANEP 1630
11 “Peace to me emanates from respect for diversity and varied opinions as well the existence of a trusted system for resolving differences (conflicts)!!”- David, Ghana WANEP 2539
12 “Freedom”- Danda, Ghana WANEP 1930
13 “Peace to me is beyond the absence of conflict, it is the absence of conflict and end of all its possible causes.” Samba, Gambia WANEP 2755
14 “To me peace means adherence to human rights.”- Martina, Ghana WANEP 2376
15 Peace means to be in the midst of trouble and still be calm in your heart.- Cerue, Liberia WANEP 2545
16 “Human Security and economic development.”- Ayamga, Ghana WANEP 2504
17 “Absence of internal and external stressors.”- Afi, Ghana WANEP 2245
18 “Peace is the absence of all forms of discriminations among Human beings, and where people live in perfect harmony regardless of their gender, race, religion and culture.”- Soumaila, Ghana WANEP 2044