Quarterly Highlights: - 3rd Quarter of 2013 (July - September)

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The quarter under review recorded electoral successes in Guinea, Mali and Togo despite the pre-electoral skirmishes witnessed. Togo held legislative elections on July 25 in an atmosphere of relative calm, though the results were initially disputed by the opposition on allegations of malpractices.
Mali’s first and second round of presidential elections which took place on July 28 and August 11, 2013 respectively, were adjudged to be free, fair and peaceful despite the hasty preparations and threats by rebel groups to launch attacks in the Northern region of the country. However, the withdrawal of the separatist rebel groups on September 26 from the June 18 Ouagadougou Peace Agreement alleging non-commitment by the government to the process has led to resumption of suicide attacks, which threatens the security of the country and forestalls hope for peace in the restive region as envisaged by the incoming government. ......

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