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Latest Incidents

  • Others at Fouala, Nzerekore Region of Guinea .  
  • Others at Lahotan, Savalou of Benin .  
  • Others at Lomé, Maritime Region of Togo .  
  • Flooding at Lomé, Maritime Region of Togo .  
  • Strike at Lomé, Maritime Region of Togo .  
  • Money laundering at Siguiri, Kankan Region of Guinea .  
  • Landslide at Gblee Town, Grand Cape Mount County of Liberia .  
  • Motorcycle Accident at Stephen Tolbert Estate Junction, Paynesville, Montserrado County of Liberia .  
  • Homicide, including attempt at Ganta City, Nimba County of Liberia .  
  • Trafficking of heroin at Kakata City, Margibi County of Liberia .  
  • Murder at Siguiri, Kankan Region of Guinea .  
  • Rape at Abrepo, Ashanti Region of Ghana .  
  • Road Accident at Tema, Greater Accra Region of Ghana .  
  • Armed Robbery at Nasia, Northern Region of Ghana .  
  • Road Accident at Tarkwa-Bogoso, Western Region of Ghana .  
  • Violent demonstration at Fresco, Gbôklé of Cote Divoire .  
  • Murder at Prikro, Iffou Region of Cote Divoire .  
  • Highway Armed Robbery at Bouna, Bounkani of Cote Divoire .  
  • Assassination at Ganta City, Nimba County of Liberia .  
  • Rape at Conakry, Conakry Region of Guinea .  

The National Early Warning System (NEWS) is a part of the WANEP Warning and Response Network (WARN) which supports the ECOWAS EW system-ECOWARN under the Protocol Relating to the Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolution, Peace-Keeping and Security in West Africa. NEWS is an online system which has being functional since 2008. The system facilitates the generation of data from monitors and reporters across the 15 countries of West Africa. The monitors/reporters use a set of indicators related to proximate conditions of conflicts at community, district, county, state, regional and national level.


Le Système National d'Alerte Précoce (NEWS) fait partie du Réseau d'Alerte et de Réponse de WANEP (WARN) qui soutient le système ECOWARN de la CEDEAO en vertu du Protocole relatif au Mécanisme de Prévention, de Gestion, de Résolution et de Maintien des Conflits en Afrique de l'Ouest. Le NEWS est un système en ligne qui fonctionne depuis 2008. Le système facilite la génération de données à partir des moniteurs et des reporters des 15 pays qui constituent l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Les moniteurs / reporters utilisent un ensemble d'indicateurs relatifs aux conditions ou causes immediates de conflits au niveau des communes, districts, comtés, états, régions de chaque pays de l'Afrique de l'ouest.


O Sistema Nacional de Alerta de Alerta Rápido (NEWS) faz parte da WANEP Warning and Response Network (WARN) que apóia o sistema ECOWAS EW - ECOWARN sob o Protocolo Relativo ao Mecanismo de Prevenção, Gerenciamento, Resolução, Manejo e Segurança de Conflitos em África Ocidental. NEWS é um sistema on-line que está sendo funcional desde 2008. O sistema facilita a geração de dados de monitores e repórteres nos 15 países que constituem a África Ocidental. Os monitores / repórteres estão usando um conjunto de indicadores relacionados a condições próximas de conflitos a nível comunitário, distrital, do condado, estadual, regional e nacional.